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Main Avent Open Mic Spoken Word 05/29/2019


When the Word is going forth and the Poets are getting Deep,

The Response at Main Avent is "Speak Poet Speak".

Come out and share your poetry, your inner thoughts, voice, or simply come and have a great adult time. Food will be sold at the event. Cost is $10.00. See you there.

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Main Avent Cafe and Catering is doing something for the single men and women in our community on 02-09-2019. Come out and meet eligible singles with like minds. Face to Face with other singles (No Chance to Get Cat Fished) Do a little mingling, do a little dancing, drink a little wine, and meet your Valentines Just in time for Valentines. $10.00 for entry and food and drinks will be sold at this event.